Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex Parking Garage and Plaza Remediation

New Jersey Department of Treasury

EI Associates was initially engaged by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Department of Property Management & Construction to prepare an evaluation report to identify damages to the Richard J. Hughes Justice Center integrated office and parking garage complex in Trenton, NJ. Constructed in 1981 the structure has sustained major damage to its structure and decks due to water infiltration into the facility over the past 20 years.

The cause for the damages, in this case, was massive water leakage mixing with salts used for melting road ice. We identified the repair work required to correct damaged areas of the parking garage and garage rooftop plaza areas, corrective work to eliminate further water infiltration into the parking facility, and future maintenance management for the facility. Upon completion of our investigations, recommendations for corrective actions were developed.

EI Associates provided the detailed design and construction administration services to implement our recommendations for repair work.