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Multi-Discipline Engineering Services

Attaining and maintaining cutting edge architectural, engineering and construction services in a constantly evolving industry is a challenge. EI Associates has been able to meet this challenge with timeless design for over eight decades. A team of experts with a breadth of knowledge and experience has been the deciding factor between good architectural/engineering design and great architectural/engineering design. Read More →

Welcome To EI Associates - Your Local Architecture Firm

At EI Associates, we believe success requires more than just a great idea. It takes strategic planning, skilled execution, and clear communication to turn a vision into a reality. That's an important part of what makes us one of the most reputable architecture firms in the Northeast US.

We have designed and built a diverse range of buildings and campuses from schools to corporate offices to government buildings and more. Our skilled staff of more than 150 professionals includes LEED accredited architects, interior designers, construction professionals, estimators, and project managers. That's a large part of what makes it possible for us to deliver on-time and on-budget regardless of the assignment's size, scope or location.

Our corporate offices are located in Harrisburg, PA and Cedar Knolls, NJ which makes us local to Pennsylvania and New Jersey clients.

As one of the most reputable architectural engineering and construction firms in the Northeast, we have experience working a very diverse range of projects, which you can browse in our portfolio here.