Courtroom Renovations

Township of Old Bridge
Project Type: Renovation

EI Associates was retained by the Township of Old Bridge to provide detailed architectural and engineering services to design renovations to the existing Courtroom at the Thomas English Administration Building in Old Bridge, NJ.  The renovations included:

  • Replacement of existing fixed public seating with new flexible seating.
  • Reconfiguring the existing dais.
  • Removal of the existing wood slat suspended ceiling and replacement with a suspended acoustical panel cloud ceiling system.
  • Replacement of the existing acoustical panel ceiling system at the lower ceiling area adjacent to the main entry.
  • New LED lighting.
  • New carpet on all floors.
  • Existing exposed brick walls, existing doors and suspended fascia above the main entry ceiling were cleaned and painted.
  • New acoustical panels will be installed in a modified configuration.
  • Rebalance of existing air handling unit AHU-3 including coils and outside air.
  • New ductwork distribution with volume balancing dampers, bipolar ionization, and ceiling supply air diffusers in new cloud ceiling system.
  • New VAV boxes with electric reheat coils were provided.
  • New supplemental variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system.