Manito Elementary School and Valley Middle School Roof Replacements

Oakland Public Schools

As District Architect/Engineer for the Oakland Board of Education, EI Associates had the privilege to complete numerous architectural and engineering improvement projects at all Oakland District facilities. During our tenure, EI Associates completed district-wide window, roof and mechanical system replacements at Manito Elementary, Heights Elementary and Valley Middle School. Portions of these schools were constructed in 1907, 1930 and 1950 and required comprehensive field investigations and careful planning to address existing conditions, preserve aesthetics and retain the historic character of these facilities. The projects included the design of new thermal elements to historic windows, modified asphalt built-up roof systems, the conversion of existing steam boiler systems to hot water systems and the installation of high-efficiency boilers, ventilators, pumps and a DDC control system. Most of the work was declared as Emergent Projects by the New Jersey Department of Education and expedited during the unoccupied summer months.