North Campus Electrical Service Upgrade

Stevens Institute of Technology
Project Type: New Electrical Systems
Project Area: Entirety of North Campus
Project Cost: $5,000,000

Stevens Institute of Technology recently retained EI Associates to provide engineering services covering the design of a new 26.4KV electrical service to support the construction of new dormitory facilities on the North campus of Stevens.  The service is also intended to migrate to multiple North campus buildings in the future to free capacity of the existing South campus substation.  The project covered the installation of two new 26.4KV switches and metering section located near the existing 8th Street parking lot (corner of Hudson Street and 8th Street).  From this point, a pair of 26.4KV cables were run underground, in a concrete duct bank, along 8th Street to a new 8MVA transformer and 5KV distribution enclosure located next to the Howe Center.


The work covered the following:

  • Dual 26.4KV service with automatic transfer between the two PSE&G feeders
  • Metering for the campus is at the 26.4KV switchgear with two interlocked 26.4KV breaker type service rated breakers in accordance with PSE&G requirements
  • Site distribution included a new 26.4KV duct bank from this location to a new 8MVA pad mounted transformer with 26.4KV primary – 4160 volt secondary. Distribution included appropriate pull boxes/vaults along its path
  • 4160 volt secondary was terminated in a 5KV lineup consisting of draw out breakers for use by the facility under a separate project
  • Each breaker has a 4” conduit stubbed out into a vault for future extension by the facility to the existing and new duct banks to back feed the campus
  • EI prepared a pull-ahead pre-purchase package for Stevens to advance the procurement of the following equipment.

26.4KV switchgear

8MVA transformer (and automatic load top changer if required by PSE&G)

5KV distribution switchgear & enclosure