Baron Elementary School

Manheim Central School District

The new Manheim Central Elementary School is located on the site of the old middle school at the corner of North Hazel and East Gramby streets in Manheim. The School has been designed to accommodate increasing student enrollment and the redistribution of students throughout the District. The District closed two of its four existing elementary schools, consolidating its elementary student population at Doe Run Elementary School and the new school.

The new elementary school has 42 graded and support classrooms, 2 art classrooms, a music classroom and 2 practice rooms. Core learning and support areas include a full-sized gymnasium; cafeteria, kitchen and stage; media center; interior courtyard and green roof spaces; building administration; guidance and health suite areas; faculty areas; and building services. The school is a modern, high-performance building; energy efficient building.

The new school is three stories, with each floor containing 14 typical classrooms for each grade of 300 students, including special education and support spaces. This provides maximum flexibility of spaces for current or future use. The core facilities of the building are divided amongst the three floors and are distributed on the northern half of the building at an angle to allow for maximum introduction of the natural light. The building is also designed around an interior courtyard to provide every classroom with daylight. The courtyard space can also be used as a secure space for students and teachers to use as a teaching tool or eating/play area. The building received LEED Gold certification.