Hegins-Hubley Elementary School

Tri-Valley School District

EI Associates was approached by Tri-Valley School District in 2011 to complete a District-Wide Feasibility Study. As a result of that study, the District proceeded with new construction and renovations at Hegins-Hubley Elementary School and Mahantongo Elementary School.

The Hegins-Hubley Elementary School was constructed in 1959. Since then, the only improvement made to the structure was an addition completed in 1988. The primary focus of this project is to modernize and convert the existing facility to a High Performance school building. This project will eliminate one fossil-fuel energy source (fuel oil) entirely, and by dramatically improving the integrity of the thermal envelope, will reduce the facility’s overall energy consumption by over 1.2 million KBTU annually. Out-of-date high-water-consumption fixtures will be replaced with low-flow water-conserving fixtures which will reduce the facility’s water consumption by 40% (218,000 gallons annually). Incorporating energy-efficient sustainable design methodology and intentionally improving indoor air quality will enhance the educational environment for both students and faculty.

EI Associates successfully assisted the Tri-Valley School District in applying for the Alternative & Clean Energy Grant for each school receiving $565,000 for Hegins-Hubley Elementary School and $320,000 for Mahantongo Elementary School. Each school received LEED Gold Certification.