Friendship Elementary School

Southern York County School District

After reviewing the enrollment and the conditions of the District’s existing facilities by updating the District-Wide Feasibility Study, EI Associates worked with the Southern York County School District to develop several options that would meet their immediate and future needs. This resulted in our being retained to design additions and alterations to the Friendship Elementary School with the District maintaining enrollment at their two other elementary schools.

The theme for the design of this school was Forestry Stewardship / Wood Reclamation and preserving the existing ecosystem that was established twenty years ago when a forestry grant was received to plant over 90 trees on the site. As a LEED® Silver Certified building, the school is now more energy efficient and cost effective to operate it provided an enhanced educational environment, and serves as an example of the district’s dedication and responsibility to its students as well as the community it serves. The elementary school is for students in grades K-6 and receiving a 26,000 sq.ft. addition with 76,000 sq.ft.of alterations to the existing facility. Located in Glen Rock, PA in a suburban setting intermixed with agricultural land; the Friendship Elementary School is a neighborhood school and is a focal point within the community.