District Administration Office

Cumberland Valley School District

The proposed project comprises alterations and additions to the District Administration Building which will accommodate the projected staff and program needs. The project will also provide a larger space for board meetings.

The facility will be designed to house 40 staff members. Also included are core and support areas such as a Board Room to seat 170 people; Tow Conference Rooms, a Work Room, Lobby, Central Registration Reception Area, staff break room and building services areas. All areas will be designated to meet current codes and standards.

The District Administration Building is a single story structure with a partially finished basement. The alternations to the existing building will provide handicap accessibility within the facility. The design of the additions will include floors levels that match existing floor elevations, as well as conforming to the existing site topography. These additions and alterations will also provide improvements to the building’s Life Safety System.

The building will be environmentally friendly, incorporating materials, design and Geothermal Technology to help reduce energy usage.