Columbia HS Structural Repairs

The School District of South Orange & Maplewood

Constructed in 1928, the existing Columbia HS pool facility required extensive structural repairs to the existing structural framing system, interior masonry and pool deck and exterior parapet masonry. Areas of steel framing had become rusted and deteriorated as a result of exterior moisture infiltration as well as interior humidity levels. The masonry subfloor supporting the pool deck had also significant areas concrete deterioration and corroded and exposed areas of rebar. Moisture infiltration was also apparent along areas of the masonry envelope, primarily due to failed and missing flashing at brick parapet areas.

To address the above issues, EI embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of the existing structural system and envelope. EI retained a third party testing consultant to conduct probes of portions of the existing masonry construction and test areas of existing steel framing. Brick areas were selectively removed to expose damaged steel construction. Steel reinforcing plates were welded at damaged portions of the steel and all steel was coated with a rust inhibiter, formulated specifically for the high-humidity environment. Cracked areas of interior brick were reconstructed with a historically accurate brick material. The underside of the concrete pool deck was structurally repaired with epoxy mortar and new support columns. Portions of the exterior brick fa├žade and the entire brick parapet were removed and reconstructed with new through wall flashing and drainage weeps.