Roy G. Snyder Natatorium

Wilson School District
Project Type: Renovation
Project Area: 5,740 Adds

The Wilson School District has had a long history of supporting it’s extensive aquatics program. In 1966 the District finished construction of the first aquatics facility in Berks County. Over the last 48 years the facility provided both the students of the District and members of the surrounding community with a facility to learn, train, and relax.

While the facility was very well maintained, at the end of almost 50 years of service, extensive renovations and upgrades were needed to meet new codes and an expanded range of program services. Due to existing site constraints the construction of a new facility was not an option. The existing facility therefore needed to be expanded internally. By reconstructing the girl’s locker room in a courtyard, the pool was able to be increased from six lanes to a ten by ten lane adaptable facility that offers both an all deep competition area for water polo and a shallow area for instruction and recreation. The new facility also doubled it’s seating capacity and the surrounding deck area. The square format, with ten lanes in each direction, allows multiple groups to hold practices at the same time, thereby providing the most efficient use to maximize community and competitive uses.