Multi-Plant As-Built P&ID Documentation

Reagent Chemical
Project Type: Infrastructure

Reagent Chemical is the largest marketer of HCl in the United States. OSHA recently attempted to change regulations that would bring users of aqueous hydrochloric acid under the jurisdiction of OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations. Before OSHA backtracked on the inclusion of aqueous solutions of hydrochloric acid being regulated under the PSM regulations, Reagent Chemical as well as other process industrial companies would have been required to develop and maintain OSHA approved P&IDs for their facilities. In the United States, this means that P&ID’s must be developed to International Society of Automation (ISA) standards. Reagent Chemical proactively implemented a program to document their existing facilities.

With input from Reagent Chemical, EI Associates developed prototype P&IDs for sites located in Middlesex, NJ and Williamsport, PA. The following items were documented on the P&IDs:

a. All process equipment/process component valves, tanks, and piping.

b. P&IDs reflecting the existing as-built conditions.

c. Detailed piping information covering materials of construction, pipe size, service, flow direction, in-line elements (traps, filters, strainers, etc.).

d. Detailed component information for all valves, pumps, etc.

e. Materials of construction of all components.

f. Name and tag information for all process equipment components.

g. Identify all gauges, transmitters, level controllers, and pressure switches.

P&IDs for the two initial sites served as the basis for 16 additional Reagent Chemical sites located throughout the US.