Fluid Bed Dryer Suite

US Pharma Labs, Inc.
Project Type: Renovations and Additions

EI Associates recently assisted US Pharma Lab with the design, procurement and construction of a fluid bed dryer suite at their 1300 Airport Road, North Brunswick, NJ facility.  To address production needs, US Pharma Labs renovated an existing laboratory and equipment area as a cGMP production suite to accommodate a fluid bed dryer as well as house granulation and blending operations.  The renovations cover the following improvements:

  • Demolition and interior renovation of the estimated 1,000 sq.ft. suite to accommodate the following program areas:
    • Construction of a new cGMP Production Suite to house a Vector 3001 fluid bed dryer and granulator.
    • Conversion of the existing adjoining Coating Solution Preparation Room into a new Air Lock.
    • Construction of a new Mechanical Equipment Room to house new heating hot water system for reheat comprised of a new gas-fire boiler, pumps, piping, controls and vents as well as clean steam system for humidification.
  • The renovated area accommodates a maximum of six people.
  • Installation of new interior finishes consisting of FRP wall panels to facilitate wash down, gasketed ceiling system and modifications/patching of existing epoxy flooring.
  • New mechanical work.
  • New plumbing work.
  • Modifications to the existing fire sprinkler system to support the new layout.
  • Electrical utilities were extended from the existing adjoining electrical switchgear room and design of upgrades and/or new electrical service to support the project requirements.
  • Installation of new LED lighting within the suite.