Corporate Headquarter Restack and HVAC Replacement

Confidential Client

The project involves two complete floors of interior office areas totaling 96,400 GSF. This project improved adjacencies and overall layouts, incorporated our client’s new global corporate office standards, and created a collaborative-type environment befitting their 21st century workplace. This new corporate design standard incorporates an egalitarian arrangement of individual workplace, collaboration, concentration and team areas.

The project also included the replacement of building mechanical systems including the replacement of original central station air handlers, the replacement of original supply and return ductwork, comprehensive duct cleaning of all supply and return systems and duct shafts, and the complete rebalancing of the entire HVAC system. In addition the work also included the replacement of the entire antiquated perimeter induction air system involving 585 units. The new system improved temperature control, increased outside air, reduced energy consumption, and eliminated prior overheating issues at perimeter spaces.