Campus Office Conversions

Bristol Myers Squibb

EI Associates assisted Bristol Myers Squibb, a global biopharmaceutical company, by designing conversions and renovations of several campus buildings at their North American Headquarters.  The work involved the conversion of several aged, multi-story laboratory facilities to accommodate a growing office staff.  The buildings adjoin existing new buildings connected by common circulation spines.  This project required proper phasing, dust and noise mitigation and temporary egress to maintain safe, ongoing operations. Former laboratory areas were re-invented based on open plan design concepts. Open office cubicles are located along the exterior window walls to allow natural light to be introduced within the space.  Private offices are located towards the interior of the space utilizing glass doors and partitions, providing a visually open plan of the entire floor.  New huddle areas, conference rooms, break areas and pantry areas were also provided. Existing laboratory HVAC systems were replaced with recirculating VAV mechanical systems.  New roof-mounted, water-cooled and steam heated air handling units were installed to serve the renovated office areas.  The work also included the installation of a new digital addressable communication system including hubs, radio controls and repeater antennas, to provide direct communication for fire department, police and EMT first responders.