EI Associates Team Hired to Assess Three Aging Elementary Schools

EI Associates, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Southern Huntingdon County School District to provide architectural design services for a new Pre-K – 5 Elementary School. 

The Southern Huntingdon County School District hired EI Associates to perform a comprehensive District-Wide Feasibility Study with a request that special attention be paid to their three aging elementary school facilities each being originally built in the mid-to-late 1950’s. After the study was completed, the District elected to pursue the construction of a new, consolidated Pre-K – 5 Elementary School. The new consolidation plan would see the closing of their three existing elementary schools and construct a new, centralized Elementary School on the site of their current Middle/High School. 

The new facility will be approximately 100,000 square feet and will provide adequate space for a student population of roughly 700. The 21st Century design will include flexible classrooms, a cafeteria, kitchen, gymnasium, media center, small group instruction, and an administrative suite. Each grade level is a collaborative neighborhood with communal multi-purpose areas for learning support and group projects. The entire school will provide access to all levels via ramps creating a more accessible environment for students and teachers. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing scope will include a modern HVAC system as well as new electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, public announcement, clock and data systems as well as site lighting associated with the new building. The operational cost savings resulting from closing the three existing, aged elementary schools and uniting those populations into one new building substantially offset the construction cost of the new building.

The Southern Huntingdon County School District is located in a rural area of southcentral Pennsylvania that includes 12 boroughs and townships. The District’s communities include an approximate population of 8,000 people, and the schools educate about 1,380 students each year ranging from grades K through 12. 

EI Associates is proud to be providing architectural design services for a new, 21st Century Pre-K – 5 facility for the Southern Huntingdon County School District. 


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