Renovation Improvements Completed at Weatherly Area School District

In May of 2017, the Weatherly Area School District hired EI Associates, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, to conduct a district-wide feasibility study. The completed study provided the District with detailed information that analyzed current student enrollment against projections, building conditions and capacity, energy use and efficiency of each facility along with an examined look at their current educational programs versus future educational trends. Proposed options for each facility were presented to the District for consideration based on immediacy.

The Projects

The primary focus of the renovations project at Weatherly Area School District was student safety. Prior to renovations, easy access by the public throughout both school buildings was a serious concern for the District. The proposed vestibule design for both the Elementary/Middle School and the High School buildings addressed safety concerns along with adding new security cameras and modifying the administrative area to accommodate the new, improved secure entrance. Additional cameras were then installed throughout both facilities to provide extra safety measures for students and staff. Additionally, the project entailed addressing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues. Updates to plumbing issues helped resolve water leaks occurring in several places at the Elementary/Middle School building. Electrical sockets that were not safe for use by students and staff were replaced along with lighting fixtures throughout different areas of the buildings. Mechanical systems were upgraded at both buildings with energy efficient systems to improve the overall comfort of the learning environment for students. ADA compliance was reviewed and necessary modifications were addressed for ease of accessibility. Existing media centers at both buildings have been modernized for students, staff, and the community to have access to an informational hub that supports a 21st Century approach to learning. The Elementary/Middle School gymnasium received a major facelift that now supports a variety of activities not only for students but community-use as well. Overall, both facilities will see improvements in new finishes to give each building a fresh look. The roughly $10 million dollar, 2-year project that encompasses both the Elementary/Middle School and High School is nearing completion just in time to welcome back students and faculty before the start of the 2020-2021 school year.


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