Client Testimonials

Camp Hill Hoover Elementary and District Office

Camp Hill School District

Camp Hill, PA

EI Associates has been working with the Camp Hill School District since 2018 when we initially conducted a district-wide feasibility study. From that study came several design projects including essential upgrades, code compliance, and educational program enhancements for the Middle/High School, Hoover Elementary School, and new District Administration offices. These projects were strategically phased over the Summer months spanning several years to have the least amount of disturbance to the educational programs. 

For the Hoover Elementary School, EI Associates addressed essential traffic and safety concerns with a new parent drop-off/pick-up loop on the west side of the facility providing major improvements to site circulation and parent drop-off areas. The District is a walking and drop-off/pick-up only with no bussing, so this was a top priority to address safety and efficiency concerns. The added loop relieves the former crowding of cars at parent drop-off and pick-up on two bordering neighborhood streets. Additionally, new play areas were located away from the main parking lot creating a safer space for students to play and better access to the building. Interior building improvements for the Elementary facility were achieved through mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades and finish enhancements along with ADA upgrades including the installation of an elevator. 

A new District Administration Office addition, which provides centralized offices and board meeting room areas, replaced an overcrowded converted residential DAO facility. The end result provided a more accessible and energy efficient facility. Construction for the last phase of the alterations and additions project was completed for the start of the 2021-22 school year.


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