Client Testimonials

Camp Hill Middle and High School

Camp Hill School District

Camp Hill, PA

EI Associates and the Camp Hill School District worked together to ensure the completion of essential renovations at the Camp Hill Middle School and High School. Every effort was taken throughout all the project phases including before and during the COVID-19 pandemic regarding safety of all individuals to keep the project on track, provide the necessary updates needed, and to ensure the safety of staff and students moving forward.

EI Associates has been working with the Camp Hill School District since the initial 2018 District-Wide Feasibility Study to address fundamental building upgrades, code compliance, and educational program enhancements for the Middle School and High School facility. Working through the five year long-range facilities plan developed by EI Associates, the District decided to begin with addressing the building envelope and water infiltration issues. The entire building facade was upgraded with an exterior masonry restoration and re-sealed to alleviate any further water intrusion from the masonry facades. EI Associates designed the project to include new energy-efficient window and door replacement and selective roof replacement as part of the overall exterior building renovations. 

The entire facility was also upgraded with major interior modernization renovations. Both building entrances and administration areas for the Middle School and High School were reconfigured to provide secured vestibules for the safety and security of students. ADA and code compliant upgrades inclusive of elevator modernization and stair lifts along with updates to interior finishes provide an improved indoor environment. Reorganization of educational spaces to accommodate new layouts for enhanced learning experiences was an essential part of the renovation. Mechanical and electrical system upgrades were designed with the environment in mind to create an energy-efficient facility, which was another important benefit to continue cost savings for the District. Construction for the last phase of the renovation process was completed for the beginning of the new 2021-22 school year.


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