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Bedford Elementary School

Bedford ASD

Bedford, PA

EI Associates, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Bedford Area School District to provide architectural design services with regards to key renovation work at the Bedford Elementary School.  

The Bedford Area School District hired EI Associates to perform a comprehensive Building Feasibility Study with a request that special attention be paid to the aging mechanical system at the elementary school facility originally built in 1996. After the study was completed, the District elected to pursue removal and replacement of the original HVAC system, removal and replacement of the existing asphalt shingled roof system, removal and replacement of the fire alarm system, upgrade of the elevator, and minor ceiling work.   EI Associates and the District worked together in development of a phased construction plan for student safety and to avoid moving students from the facility during construction.   

The facility consists of 115,105 square feet and provides adequate space for a student population of roughly 743.  The new mechanical system improves the indoor environment and air quality. Each classroom will receive new HVAC equipment, while existing large air handlers will be retrofitted for improvements. When completed the new system will provide improved air filtration and modulated fresh air and dehumidification. Complementing the new equipment is a new Building Automation System (BAS) which replaces an antiquated pneumatic system. These new systems will provide digital monitoring and automated control of temperature and humidity throughout the school, yielding greater comfort, better energy efficiency and most importantly an improved environment including improved air quality for students and staff.   Roof deck replacement will occur where needed, followed by  new roofing membrane and asphalt shingles.  The original fire alarm system will be replaced with a code compliant system and the elevator will be refurbished to meet the present code as well. 

The Bedford Area School District  is located in the Central and Southwestern sections of Bedford County Pennsylvania that includes 10 boroughs and townships. The District's communities include an approximate population of 16,838 people, the schools educate about 1,705 students each year ranging from grades K-12. 

EI Associates, along with our engineering consultants, Gatter & Diehl, Inc., appreciate the opportunity to team with the Bedford Area School District in providing architectural and engineering design services for the renovation of the Bedford Elementary School.  


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