Client Testimonials

Halifax Area Middle/High School

Halifax Area School District

3940 Peters Mountain Road, Halifax, PA

The Halifax Area Middle/High School was originally constructed in 1958. Since then, additions have been added in 1968, 1988, and 1991 as well as two modular classroom additions. The existing HVAC system was installed under an energy savings program in 1997 with no major improvements made to the structure since then. The facility was in need of renovations. The primary focus of this project was to replace the modular classroom additions with permanent additions, and to modernize and convert the facility to a high performance school building.

This project eliminated one fossil-fuel energy source entirely, and by dramatically improving the integrity of the thermal envelope, reduces the facility’s overall energy consumption by over 5.1 million KBTU annually. Out-of-date, high-water-consumption fixtures were replaced with low-flow water-conserving fixtures which reduces the facility’s water consumption by 30%.

The District is encouraging community organizations to use the updated assembly facilities (gymnasiums, media center, auditorium and stage), and is promoting their use to the local township and borough for fundraising and other activities. The project achieved LEED® Gold Certification, and EI Associates has successfully assisted the District in obtaining a $1.5 million grant from Alternative & Clean Energy Program.