Client Testimonials

Mechanical Upgrades at Roy W. Smith Theater & Gymnasium Building

Union County College

Cranford, NJ

Union County College retained EI Associates to design new air conditioning systems for the Roy W. Smith Theater and Gymnasium Building.  The existing equipment was past its useful life expectancy, creating extreme negative pressure conditions between the theater and the surrounding spaces and required immediate replacement.

The Gymnasium was originally not air-conditioned. EI investigated several options to provide comfort cooling of the Gym.  Since the Gym and Theater portions of the building are not occupied at the same time, EI’s new design provides air conditioning to both the Gym and Theater areas from a single unit.  This single unit approach, which incorporates an air-side energy recovery system, provided the College with an economical solution to provide comfort cooling to two large assembly areas.

EI’s scope of services included an evaluation of the existing systems and equipment, load analysis to “Right Size” the new equipment, energy analysis of various engineering alternatives, and registering the project for NJ Green Energy rebates.  Engineering alternatives were based on a single or multiple units to serve the areas, structural considerations of the area, energy conservation due to highly variable occupant loading, and the general HVAC considerations between theaters and gyms.