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NJ DEP Building - Photovoltaic System, Roof, Building-wide Heat Pump, Controls and Cooling Tower Replacement

New Jersey Department of Property Management and Construction

Trenton, NJ

As part of our work for the NJ DEP building in Trenton, NJ, EI is providing the NJDPMC with a study and design for a rooftop photovoltaic, PV, system to assist in reducing utility costs for the existing building.  Structural roof loading calculations are also being prepared by our firm as part of the study to determine the ability of the existing roof to handle photovoltaic panels and related equipment. 

The project also involves the replacement of the existing rooftop cooling tower including ancillary piping, two pumps, motor drives and controls, as well as the replacement of over 800 heat pumps throughout the building.  In addition, EI is designing the replacement of the existing ballasted EPDM roof system with a non-ballasted, reflective membrane roof system, including flashings, damaged copings, drain bodies, strainers and expansion joints.