Client Testimonials

City-Wide emergency Generator Installation

City of Hoboken

Hoboken, NJ

During Hurricane Sandy the City of Hoboken was flooded. During the flood the city lost power and several of the emergency back-up generators were not operational due to the flood.  Also, the radio repeater locations lost power and the city had to respond with temporary generators during the power outage.  To address these issues, EI Associates assisted the City of Hoboken with the replacement of eight generators.

All of the eight identified generators were replaced with new units, and raised above the 500 year flood elevation as required by FEMA to avoid future flooding concerns.  Some of the existing generators were totally destroyed during the flood. Other, older generators which remained operations were given to the City of Hoboken to repurpose in other facilities.

The City of Hoboken did not only want to replace the generators but have the new generators sized to provide stand-by power for the entirety of each building during power outages. The new generators were designed to meet the requirements of PSE&G’s Demand Response program.

 As part of this generator replacement assignment, EI was required to prepare submissions to not only FEMA but also SHPO as installations at three fire stations and the City Hall involved Historic Structures.