Client Testimonials

Engineering Laboratory Renovations at Sheffield Hall

County College of Morris

Randolph, NJ

EI Associates recently assisted the County College of Morris (CCM) with the renovation of seven engineering labs, totaling 7,111sf, located on the lower level of Sheffield Hall. The subject labs are used to support a variety of educational programs covering mechanical, electrical, fabrication, aviation and other engineering curricula.  The design and configuration of each lab was dependent on the type of engineering program being supported. The engineering labs renovated under this assignment consist of the following:

SH 158: Materials Fabrication Lab and Support Areas. 2,265sf

SG 162: Fabrication Instructional Lab. 392sf

SH 105: Material/Testing Lab. 683sf

SH 153: Electronics Lab. 1,158sf

SH 153A: Aviation Lab. 287sf

SH 159: Electronics Lab. 1,157sf

SH 163: Electronics Lab. 1,169sf

The lab renovations were designed to be easy to maintain, flexible where possible, use sustainable materials and allow efficient use of resources. Noise concerns were also addressed, especially for Lab SH-158.  Ceiling mounted acoustical panels were installed to mitigate noise generated by drill press, lathe and CNC machines.  Mechanical exhaust was provided for the welding booth, fume hood and paint hood, along with new lab sinks and wash basins, the extension of gas, electric, CW, HW and compressed air lab utilities and provisions for new flat screen monitors.