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Park Master Plan & Improvements - Wrights Field Park

Township of Bloomfield

Bloomfield, NJ

The Township of Bloomfield retained EI Associates to design a new public restroom and concession building, new baseball dugouts, renovate the existing baseball field and design a new playground facility for community use. An attractive, durable and low maintenance community building was designed utilizing graffiti resistant, glazed concrete masonry units with ADA compliant Men’s and Women’s toilet rooms.  Glass block was utilized to create an attractive and durable method of introducing natural light into the toilet room areas.  Exterior signage was designed with the glazed block manufacturer as an integral component of the glazing.  The improvements designed by EI Associates include the following:

-Public Restroom and Concession Building with second floor Announcer facility

-A new grouping of playground equipment was designed with new curvilinear beds of safety surfacing for the play area

-Spectator, amphitheater style seating was designed along the first and third base lines of the renovated baseball field

-Evergreen groundcover plantings were added to stabilize changes in grade along new amphitheater seating

-New site furnishings were designed covering new metal benches, litter containers, and picnic tables