EI Associates Provides Architectural Design Solutions for the Bedford Area School District

November 21, 2019

EI Associates, a full-service architectural and engineering firm, is once again partnering with the Bedford Area School District to provide architectural design services. We are offering renovation solutions for the Bedford Elementary School and design solutions for an extensive renovation of the Bedford High School including enhancements to the infrastructure, academic areas, and athletic facilities.

Enhancement of Existing Infrastructure


Built in 1996, the Bedford Elementary School has been well-maintained but received little updates over the last 23 years and renovations are now needed to address humidity control issues within the building as well as upgrades to the infrastructure.

Additionally, the District and the community have expressed interest in enhancing the Bedford High School. The existing high school, built in 1927 has received several expansions over time. In order to improve the educational programs and uniform programming changes the building will receive updates to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The telecommunications systems will be revamped to support the advancements in technology, and finishes will be refreshed throughout the building to create a comfortable environment for the students learning process. A new building entrance addition will be added to the existing structure incorporating a bus canopy at the revised east parking lot to be used for students entering the building from the bus drop-off drive as well as the field. The new entrance will lead to a new concourse system linking the new addition with the existing building which will solve a multitude of ADA accessibility issues currently experienced due to the changes in levels at the existing building. Corridor glass walls and doors will overlook and open onto a set of bleachers adjacent to the relocated and lowered turf athletic field for football and soccer events. The corridor will also lead to a new competition sized gymnasium that can accommodate three wrestling mats and seating over 1600 spectators. Ancillary spaces such as concessions, official’s rooms, and toilet facilities will support the new facility. A new press box will tower above the corridor providing a complete view of the field complex. Visitors bleachers on opposite side will complete the “bowl effect”.

EI Associates is proud to once again partner with the Bedford Area School District and provide architectural design services that will help enhance their educational and athletic programs.