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Design-Build - Save Time And Money By Working With Just One Firm

As your design build firm, EI Associates becomes your single source responsibility for all of your project design and construction needs. Our integrated design and construction services offer the follow benefits:

  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Construction Begins Before Design is Completed
  • Advanced Purchasing and Expediting
  • Schedules are Reduced - Saving Time & Money
  • "Open-Book" Approach - All Decisions are Team Decisions

We are local to Harrisburg PA but serve clients as far out as New Jersey. If you've never worked with a design-builder before, you'll be surprised to learn how much more advantageous this delivery method is than what you were expecting.

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What Is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a highly efficient method of delivering construction projects. With this method, you as the owner save time and money by not having to work with a design company plus a separate builder/contractor company. The Design-Builder team is responsible for managing all subcontractors on both the design and build sides, as well as taking on the risk of contracting with equipment and material providers.

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Design-Build Process Steps

Here's how the design-build process looks from start to finish.

  • Pre-construction

    Once you've selected a design-builder, you'll work with their team to plan out the financial and logistical aspects of the project. This is a crucial step that must be taken before getting too far into the project, and it's important at this step that you communicate clearly and regularly with the design-builder to make sure you both have the exact same end-goal in mind.

  • Architectural design

    This is where the design-build process outshines more traditional methods. In this step, the construction team interfaces with architects to fine-tune the pre-construction plan. This is often where the various teams can find cost and time savings by working together this early on in the process instead of comparing notes when it's too late.

  • Construction

    At this stage, construction has typically begun already during the design phase. This is yet another advantage of the design-build process. This step is highly collaborative with both the design and construction teams working closely together to ensure the finished product will meet specifications.

  • Post-construction

    Once the construction phase is complete, the design-build team will deliver documentation that provides an overview of the project's deliverables and confirmation that they were completed as expected. Just as important, deliverables also typically include walk through videos of the facility as well as any training that the owner or building managers may need to have access to.

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