Bensalem High School  

Bensalem Township School District

Bensalem, PA

EI Associates has worked with Bensalem Township School District since 2006. The existing Bensalem High School was constructed in 1969 with a large addition in 1973 and a new competition Gymnasium addition in 2012. The  school is situated  on a 111 acre site, which is centrally located in the School District. The existing building has had minimal upgrades during its lifetime. The intent of the Bensalem High School renovation is to fully modernize the older portions of the building and include renovations as required to meet District requirements to reprogram the building into four academies. The academies will include; 9th Grade Academy, Business and International Studies Academy, STEM Academy, and Visual and Performing Arts Academy . Each academy will function as a “school within a school” connected by a Center Core area, which will include an Internet Cafe, Fitness Center, and a flexible student dining and outdoor courtyard. The existing Natatorium will be replaced to meet competition requirements.

The project will address code and accessibility issues and is being designed to obtain a LEED Gold Certification.

The completed building will also have new main entrances with a central administration area as well as way-finding treatments in the corridors to guide students between Academies.